Frequently Asked Questions


No, you do not need to join straight away.  The Aikido Fellowship offer you a maximum of 3 'taster sessions', allowing you a period of time to decide whether you'd like to continue with us before paying for annual membership.

When you then decide to continue, you will be required to become a 'member'.    To join, simply ask your club instructor for the application form and they will assist you.

Membership Fees are paid annually and this includes your personal insurance.

Adults (aged 17 and over) -  £25.00

Juniors (aged 16 and under) - £15.00  

If you are new to martial arts, please don't go and spend money on the correct clothing as you may not like it.   What we suggest is to simply wear loose fitting clothing like tracksuit bottoms and t'shirt and we train in barefoot.

We ask that you purchase a white suit known as a 'Gi' as you progress and ready to take a grading.    Your instructor can advise where to buy a GI from.

Class fees vary from venue to venue. We recommend you visit your local Aikido Club and talk with the instructor, they will assist you in answering all you Aikido questions.

Following the removal of legal restrictions in England, the wearing of face coverings and the requirement to maintain social distancing is no longer mandatory.

We have a responsibility to keep our instructors, students and communities safe, so we will continue to follow government advice much the same as the rest of society.  So, guidance encourages everyone to wear a face covering in populated areas and we encourage our students to follow this guidance too.

We also encourage students to maintain social distancing measures where possible.

Sanitising stations will remain in all our Dojos.

See our Data Protection Policy 

If you require further information please 'Contact' the secretary