Hanshi Jayne Phelps - President and Chief Instructor of the Aikido Fellowship of Great Britain 

Hanshi Phelps started practicing Aikido in 1974 at the Birmingham Athletics institute (BAI), which was then the Headquarters of Aikido Fellowship of Great Britain. Hanshi practiced 6 days per week at Aikido Fellowship clubs and acheived the coveted First Dan (Black Belt) in 1976. Hanshi Phelps continued to train consistently under the tutelage of Shihan Ralph Reynolds until his passing in 2006, and is the longest serving student of Shihan Ralph Reynolds with over 32 years of unbroken study of aikido under Shihan.

Hanshi is now Head of the Aikido Fellowship of Great Britain and was awarded the coveted title of 'Hanshi' by The Fellowship in 2009; Hanshi is dedicated to continuing Shihan Reynolds unique style of aikido which is true aikido magic in its purist form. 

Hanshi's teaching career started in 1978 and continues to this day; currently Hanshi teaches advance level aikido classes and aikido events at the Ralph Reynolds Aikido Academy, which is the Headquarters of the Aikido Fellowship of Great Britain. Outside of the Aikido Fellowship of Great Britain Hanshi is one of the highest graded female Aikidoka in the world and is highly respected throughout the UK aikido world. In 1990 Hanshi qualified as the British Aikido Board Coach Tutor, and served the British Aikido board in various posts in particular as the BAB finance office for over 5 years, during this time Hanshi revolutionised the insurance provision for Aikido in the UK

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