Hi I’m Sensei Jacqui Holden and I am married to Sensei Andrew Holden.

I started practicing Aikido at the age of 7, many many years ago. My aikido career started as a result of my father Martin Ryan once Uke Deshi to Shihan Ralph Reynolds back in the 60’s, so it’s always been in my blood one way or another.

I was a keen gymnast at school and although young, aikido seemed to complement my technique and vice versa.

I obtained the rank of 1st dan at the age of 14, and although still at school, I managed to fit my study’s in along with maintaining my attendance and development of my aikido. By the time I was 22 I had already reached my 4th dan grade.

Today, I am Vice President of the Aikido Fellowship. This role I take very seriously as I need to make sure that I look after the members interests, and assist the secretary (my husband) in his role.

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